Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Trotsky

So the reincarnation of Soviet pioneer and leader Leon Trotsky goes to school in Canada. That's is the basic premise of The Trotsky, and it's actually quite a bit better than that sounds.

Let me elaborate. We first meet Leon Bronstein, brilliantly played by Jay Baruchel, as he leads a hunger strike at his fathers garment factory in Quebec. He's doing this because he believes that he is the reincarnated soul of Leon Trotsky and is destined to replay the moments of Totsky's life. I mean every event, from his many exilings, to meeting his his own Lenin, his betrayal by Lenin, and the numerous attempts on his life and the one successful one. This includes creepily stalking an older law student and eventually winning her heart, staging a students revolt in a public high school in order to unionize the students, and is exiled from attending school in Quebec. Sounds kinda of dumb, doesn't it? But it's not!

There is something about the script and Baruchel's performance that creates this very light, amusing atmosphere even during the more awkward moments of the film. Because it's really, really difficult to make a stalker both charming and end up getting the girl. 

Rating: B+

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